Making things smarter

!The shift towards self-reliant consumption means that more self-service initiatives have been introduced in the airport industry. Booking and checking in online or at a kiosk, self-service bag-drop points, e-gates and self-boarding are just a few examples that all have the same effect. “They create a positive end-to-end passenger experience, solve space and capacity constraints, and reduce operational cost”. Busy airports have invested or will invest in a self service bag-drop solution. In theory, self service BagDrop can reduce the processing time for a passenger by a very significant amount and is a major step in speeding up the whole travel process. 

Gatwick South terminal auto bag drop

Self Bag Drop – simplified by Materna

Ready for take off! - Gepäckaufgabe am Check-in Automat

The future of self tagging is here

Schiphol Airport