A much faster self tagging result

Due to the fact that eezeetags are 100% intuitive tagging, there is no
backing to pull away, no messing around with claim tag pieces. Just a
simple 2 steps to follow to tack your own bag. This makes the tagging
up to 300% faster compared with a standard BagTag used as a self
tagging BagTag. Result is less or less longer lines, eezeetags increase terminal capacity.

82% of the passengers that used eezeetags in combination
with a self service BagDrop system for the first time experience
the process as real easy.

improve passenger experience

Every passenger in the world understands how to tag a bag.

Eezeetags can not be applied wrongly because the magic adhesive only sticks to itself, so mistakes can not be made. Passengers do like to be in charge of their own journey especially if it makes things fun and creates advantages, not having the fear of making mistakes, less waiting, more time to spend on the fun part of flying. eezeetags improve passenger experience.


We create no waste at the tagging point

Eezeetags are so easy that passengers do not need an agent to assist them tagging their bag, staff have time to assist the passengers that really are in need of assistance like elderly people. Eezeetags have no backing paper to pull away, so create no waste, they only stick to them self’s and not to floors, counters, bag drop units or passengers. In this way there are even less cleaning costs. eezeetags reduce operating costs.


Passengers do not love to stand in line

In combination with a self service bag drop process eezeetags
create a fast and seamless bag drop experience for the passenger, and make them go for a cup off coffee with a smile on there face. eezeetags optimize passenger revenue.

Faster baggage handling

Passenger stays in control

More satisfied passengers