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How many eezeetags are on 1 roll ?
Since eezeetags are customized product, you can chose how many tags are on a roll. Off course it depends on the printer and the space available. Also the length of the tag can be a length of your choice, and is an important parameter.
Can I use eezeetags in combination with my existing BagTag printer?
Due to the 'magic' of the molecules of the adhesive that makes it stick only to itself, they need a little extra care. For instance scratching of the adhesive should be avoided at any time. Eezeetags bv can support and advise you which certified printers are suitable to handle eezeetags. It might even be the printer you are using right now.
Can eezeetags be sticked to odd baggage like boxes?
Yes, eezeetags have a 'normal' self-adhesive layer, so can function as a sticker. But since they were designed to be used especially in self service and pax carrying large boxes will probably be redirected to the odd baggage counter anyway, and it will be best to use the standard BagTag.
I would like another user instruction on my eezeetags, is this possible?
As advertisement, also instructions are flexible and can be made just they way you want it and the way that you think your passengers will understand best.
Can I use eezeetags as an advertisement item?
Yes you can, eezeetags can be highly customized and pre- printed up to 8 colors. Production is also highly flexible. So if you want to run a monthly campaign or on a yearly base, it is all possible for eezeetags.
What is the price of eezeetags?
Eezeetags, in combination with a self service bag drop operation are very cost efficient, taking all advanteges in to account, expanding terminal capacity, improving passenger experience, reducing passenger assistance staff and optimizing passenger revenue. Taking into account that self service bag drop in general is just starting to get a first footprint, eezeetags are the first tofollow, more then 5 million passengers already use eezeetags on a yearly base. Eezeetags expect to triple this volume in 2014 and multiple this with a factor 10 by 2015. Prices drop when volume rises is an economic law. Eezeetags will obide this law.
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